Output:TargetDisplay: Display01

Output:TargetDisplay: Display01


Output:TargetDisplay: Display01, is a storytelling VR experience, a part of my ongoing self-portrait project: Tey Al Tool, and describing 4 months of my life during my stay in Barcelona. The project supported and produced during my residency in ESPRONCEDA- Institute of Art & Culture and had a live streaming walkthrough on 29 May.

The project starts from Feb 2020, when I joined IMMENSIVA residency, and start producing artworks together with other artists and having a successful exhibition in the ESPRONCEDA gallery space, then It shows my confinement during the alarm state due to Covid-19.

Afterward, how I joined the IAM Weekend 2020 and the experience of being part of the team in the virtual conference and how I visualized my Quarantine time and invited the audience to a virtual tour to my city shiraz in my real-time talk there. It also presents the real-time project called WASH (we are safe here) which was my intent of creating a safe virtual space to escape from terrible news about Covid-19.

In another scene, I have a walk through the research project I developed during my stay and it’s still in progress, called RTTT (Render Truth Through Texture), in which I try to represent the importance of mirror and reflections in Iranian literature through the real-time technique RTT (render to texture).

In the last scene of this VR experience, I describe the SOKHON project, It’s an art game about speech, developed for oculus quest in 7 different scenes, and using lipsync to get the player’s voice as the main input to generate objects and change the visuals.