Body Echoes

Body Echoes


Body Echoes explores the combination of Dance and Embodiment in Virtual Reality. While wearing a VR headset the dancers explore a non-human body and interact with other embodiments in a Virtual Space. We have created different embodiments: a snakelike being, a humanoid shape with extended arms and bodies that have shared controls. Part of our research is exploring audience perspectives. You can view the embodiment on a 2D screen or they can join in VR where they can observe or participate as a snakelike figure. The audience can also observe how the Virtual World inspires the dancer to move in real life. We are looking for partners that would like to transform these possibilities to a performance and can help with the production. This project is made possible through support by Creative Industry Funds NL.


23/07/2020 14 UTC / 16 CEST

You can do more than watch the stream, you can also join in VR. The dansers will be experimenting with their snakelike embodiment, and you can join them as well as a snakelike being.

You will need a PC based VR headset with a VR enabled Windows PC to visit the session and participate with the dancers.

We support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S and Windows Mixed Reality. Other headsets that are Steam VR compatible should also work, but have not been testen.

You can find the executable and further instruction starting 21 July at this link:

The play along version allows you to start the application and test your embodiment beforehand.

On the 23rd a room will become visible, so you can join the session with the dancers.