Brave Mouse Cartographer I

Brave Mouse Cartographer I

common opera 🇺🇸

brave mouse cartographer i is an ambient system to be enjoyed either on its own or as the basis for a community-based cooperative mapping game. participants work together handing off the role of mapmaker as the group tries slowly to chart on paper (or other preferred external medium) the contours and contents of a wide and mysterious continent from the point of view of our small brave hero clinging dearly to the back of a great bird flying at random according to its own unknowable whims. terrain and landmarks are denoted by both visual and audio cues. as a cooperative game, brave mouse cartographer i is meant to be played over the course of a day or several days by a succession of individuals each adding to or starting anew the efforts of those prior in hopes of accumulating a fuller bigger picture.

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PC, Mac


ambient / role playing

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