This, too, shall pass

This, too, shall pass

Marc Loths 🇳🇿

This, Too, Shall Pass is a game/art project about the climate crisis and the ephemeral nature of everything. It consists of a Twitter bot that is connected to five different versions of the game currently in circulation on USB sticks around the world. Each one of the five versions is set in a different climate zone, resulting in different looking worlds and different species of plants. The game is also accompanied by a downloadable B-side remix game priced based on the current global average temperature, which you can find here:, each sale of which funds a tree.

The game, a first-person walking experience, creates a barren world based on the location of where it’s being played, using real life terrain data. As it’s being explored, it will slowly spring to life with both nature and the sins of mankind.




Meditative Exploration Game

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