Body Open Source

Body Open Source

M. Nawrot, J. Wójtowicz & K. Brych 🇵🇱

A multi-user experience in virtual reality that touches on the subject of intimacy and crossing the borders of corporeality. one of the main thematic platforms addressed in the work is the theme of the network and its structures, through the prism of somaesthetics (philosophy of the body) also touching upon the issues of body / identity - both real and virtual.

Body Open Source is a form of collective exploration (enabled for up to four users / “spectactors”) on the platform of pleasure in which the impulse, the reflex/neural impulse generated by the real body has the opportunity to become visible between bodies in a technological equivalent of the new organica - a virtual body.

Where does the real body end and the virtual body begin? Does their co-existence facilitate crossing the boundaries in the projection and constructing of a “virtual”? Are the real and virtual limits of intimacy the same? Each of the four users, thanks to the tools in the form of virtual reality headsets, undergoes the process of expanding, growing into their own “virtual body”. The users immerse themselves in the virtual space at the same time, leading to a digitized co-presence. Connected to a small network thanks to the server that is part of the installation, they become a network of bodies - inclined to experiment with the limits of their own new corporality, interacting with each other as graceful, hyperflexible avatars who receive and release visible neural impulses.

Thus the created space becomes a platform in which the body is a plastic tool and has the power of co-creation and physical closeness and communication giving expression to unique forms of participation. The installation was implemented using four sets of HTC Vive headsets and four computers (each acting as the agent’s platform which is a participant, one of the computers is also a server).

The installation can also be shown on two VR sets and two computers. Depending on the technical capabilities of the place.


PC, vive


Virtual Reality Multiplayer Installation

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