Secret Shuffle

Secret Shuffle

Adriaan de Jongh & Buds 🇳🇱

Secret Shuffle is a headphone party game in which the players that dance to the same music have to find each other. Between 4 and 40 players download the app, wear their headphones, pick a game mode and music pack, and get the party started!

In Secret Shuffle, one of the game modes you can pick is Pairs. In this game mode, you have to find the one other player that dances to the same music as you. In the game mode Fakers, some people don’t hear any music at all but act like they do, while other players try to guess who they are. The game has a couple more fun game modes, and the team is still coming up with more!

The game also features hundreds of songs from 50+ genres. Drum ‘n Bass, classical, trip hop, metalcore, k-pop, Middle Eastern bubbling, 90’s r&b, you name it!

Although the app is free to download, the game’s business model works just like a board game: one player buys the game and all other players can join that player for free. There is no ads or trickery or any of that bullshit.

Secret Shuffle is set to release at the end of the summer of 2020. Sign up on the game’s website if you want an email when it releases on the App Store and Google Play!!!


iPhone, Android Phone


Party, Dancing, Local Multiplayer

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